My Life Before Bees: Life was perfect

Glenn's core was everything I was looking for in a man...he still is. We both enjoy the arts, new places, exotic foods, nature and a love for community. He and I both believe work should be a lifestyle not just a job. Love what you do, or work towards achieving the life you want. He and I commuted from St. Pete to Sarasota quite a bit in our first months to spend time together. When he asked me to move in, I was a little stand-offish and asked him about his intentions. That evening he gave me his house key. When I went home, I told my roommate all that had transpired. I also told her I was going to give him his key back. I didn't really know Sarasota, my job was in Clearwater, and what if he

My Life Before Bees Continued...

I was enjoying my new life. I thought maybe I was ready to start to date. I started to go out and was appalled by some of the men's habits and behavior. The other guys I could only see as a friend. Then one day I was invited to go to a house party in Palmetto, FL . I really did not want to go, but a friend from Tx made me promise that I would go. I had to send her a picture as proof. It was a Latin theme which made it fun. I met allot of nice people. I felt comfortable enough to go dance by myself. As I danced, I saw a huge camera lens pointed at me. I smiled and said "Would you like me to take a picture of you?" Now I don't know if it was the drinks, but when he pulled the camera down from

Prologue: My Life Before Bees Part 1

My name is Alma Johnson, like most people from Sarasota I am not from Fl. I hear people in town call me "Bee Lady" and "Honey Lady". I don't mind it, but "honey lady" at times just sounds wrong sometimes. LOL. This is my first blog/entry...I don't particularly care for computers. However, I keep being told I really need to write a blog. So here we go. I am often asked how did you become a beekeeper? How did you become involved with special needs? Well it a long story on how I got here.. I grew up in east Texas. My favorite toy and cartoon was Winnie the Pooh. How prophetic is that! My mother was a polio survivor and a single mom for most of my up bringing. She and my Grandmother raised my

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