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Beauty and Holistic Health Products 

An all-natural lifestyle should not be limited to our diets but also to what we put on our skin. We are proud to offer luxurious handmade lip balms, lip scrubs, and body creams  made from the finest high quality ingredients that will leave your skin 

feeling nourished, soft, and refreshed.

All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm: Hand made with natural scent, organic oils, and raw honey with NO CHEMICALS. Great for sensitive lips! Long lasting and promotes healing of cracks and splits. Protects from drying effects of winds and water. Soothes pain and itch.

All Natural Foot Healer: Just in time for flip flop season! Our lotion bar is created to aid with cracked heels and area with extra rough skin such as elbows or knees.  Can also be used as a travel moisturizer that will not be taken by TSA. Simply apply to skin after a shower.  

All Natural Handmade Body Creams/Scrubs:

Our luxurious creams:

  • Contain organic oils  

  • Are Non– GMO 

  • Are Paraben Free - Fair Trade 

  • Have Natural Preservatives

Honey Sugar Scrubs:

Made with moisturizing oils, healing honey and exfoliating sugar. Apply to clean body and scrub onto skin in a circular motion and rinse once all the sugar has dissolved.  


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