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NUC Pick Up and Instructions

Nuc pick up instructions: You MUST bring your protection jacket/pants, gloves, and closed toe shoes. If the nuc will be traveling inside your vehicle bring additional protection gear for any one else in that will be traveling with you in the vehicle. As professional beekeepers we always wear our suits at should YOU!!! Mother nature can be unpredictable and should always be treated with respect. If you and/or party arrive for pick up in a tank top, flip flops, shorts and without the protection gear described, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver or we may refuse to release the bees to you. Nuc pick up is typically 15 minutes after sunset to make sure the beekeeper is taking the MOST bees home. Please be sure to bring the following for pick up: 

  1. Bungees to tie the nuc in place. 

  2. We recommend to pick up in a truck but if you are picking up in an SUV or car please bring a bed sheet.

  3. Bring ALL of your protection clothes.


When you get your nuc home:

  1. Place the nuc at the EXACT location where you want them to be indefinite. 

  2. ONLY open the front entrance of the nuc. 

  3. DO NOT install your nuc at night or feed them. Wait the next least 1-2 hours after sunrise       


   Please watch video on right side for instructions on what to do after picking up your bees. Video on left side is on how to install your NUC.  

Installing your nuc:

Next day if it is at least 60 degrees (or if it is raining wait until the weather is better)

  1. Bees are perishable...We give out the nucs when the bees are ready to go into a hive. If you leave them in the nuc box they will swarm...PLEASE install in hive body as soon as weather permits you to.

  2. Put three (new) frames in your new hive body that you are going to install your NUC frames into.

  3. Lightly smoke the NUC.

  4. Remove one of the outside frames first Very Gently (it should have fewer bees on it). This will give room to slide frames over and not roll bees when removing them from the NUC.

  5. Install your NUC frames into the new hive body in the same order you removed them from the NUC box.

  6. Then put your last two frames (new) in and your hive is complete! You will have a total of ten frames in your new hive that is if your equipment is for 10 ten frames.

  7. If you find some bees lingering in the NUC box, this is normal. Move the NUC box a few feet away from your new hive and leave your lid off, the bees will find their way to their new home!

  8. Start feeding sugar water now!!

  9. 2 quarts of hot water mixed with 4 lbs. of sugar, let it cool; then give to bees. Refrigerate the rest of the sugar water for next feeding.

  10. Feed until 80% of the hive body frames are drawn out then make #1 frame #2 and #9 frame #10 and 

  11. No frame exchange with other hives, please.

  12. If you didn't purchase your NUC box & equipment up front, Please return our NUC box & equipment at any time within 14 days. Make sure your name is still taped on the top of your NUC box. Leave the NUC box & equipment at our honey shop located at 2227 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34243. Thurs - Sat 11 am to 6 pm. This way we can keep a count on our equipment. We need this equipment to install another NUC for another beekeeper. Thank you!



New Nuc DONT's 

  1. DO NOT powder sugar the new nuc or do any kind of "treatment"  

  2. DO NOT go into the hive every 5-7 days 

  3. DO NOT feed raw sugar.

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