Our Story

Our journey to avoid chronic health issues led to our dedication to eating only fresh organic food. On a quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we decided to grow our own organic victory garden however we found ourselves having to pollinate our own vegetables by hand due to the lack of bees thus prompting us to learn more about bees and the exciting world of beekeeping ...and the rest is history!

Meet Our Team


Sarasota Honey Company’s co-owner and head beekeeper. Alma oversees all of our colonies, host-a-hive program, bee supply orders, and beekeeping workshops. Alma also oversees community involvement and leads our free weekly youth group for transitioning young adults with special needs.


Sarasota Honey Company’s co-owner; beekeeper and director of marketing. Glenn designs all of our merchandising graphics and handles our retail distribution inquires. On weekends you can usually find him working our beehives in the field.


We're very proud to say that our very own Michelle Edwards is our top field beekeeper worker. Michelle is one of our young adults with special needs who's calm and collected when working the hives. Bees can pick up on human emotion, through pheromones, and can sense when we are nervous. Michelle has nothing to worry about because she is confident and competent in the field. Way to go, Michelle!


Sarasota Honey Company’s social media consultant and aides in the administration. Jessica won 1st place at the State Level Beekeeping Essay Contest! Additionally, Jessica's essay has qualified to compete in the National Beekeeping Essay Contest. This national contest is sponsored by The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. 


Sarasota Honey Company’s head woodshop worker, Jason constructs and paints our hives. He also aids in hive inspections, bee removals, and bee awareness presentations. Jason success and enthusiasm in beekeeping is a prime example of what can happen for a person when they focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Jason is looking forward to joining University of Florida’s Master Beekeeper Program to become a Master Beekeeper one day! 

Buzz & Zoey

Sarasota Honey Company security officers. Zoey guards the register, while Buzz protects the hives from harm ...that is, when they're both not in slumberland!

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