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We no longer have queens available for the 2020 season

About Our Queen Honey Bees

Our queen bees are Florida raised. They are selected from our best beehives based on their honey production, personality, hygienic behavior and brood patterns. To ensure the best queens are sent to our customers, our queens are not sold until they have capped brood and have a strong laying pattern. Our queens are available from April to mid Fall. 


Our Breed

We currently raise Italian Queens-bred from resistant/resilient survivor stock. The Italian honey bee is the most common breed of bee used by beekeepers in the western hemisphere. The Italian honey bee is recommended for beginners because of their gentle nature. This breed of bee is less likely to sting the handler out of aggression. These honey bees will generally leave you and your neighbors alone as long as they are not provoked or disturbed.

The Italian honey bee has a strong disposition to brood rearing which provides a large population for nectar collection and high honey yields. Italian bees continue brood rearing even during nectar slow-downs, resulting in the need to ensure that their colony has enough food either through honey or through sugar water feed during the inactive winter months. Italian bees overwinter well and are known to build up quickly in Springtime. 

How to Order

Our mated queens are $35 each plus shipping. To place an order, please call 941-726-8755 or email We can ship the queens to you, or you can schedule an appointment to pick up your order.

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