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My Life Before Bees Continued...

My Best Friend

I was enjoying my new life. I thought maybe I was ready to start to date. I started to go out and was appalled by some of the men's habits and behavior. The other guys I could only see as a friend.

Then one day I was invited to go to a house party in Palmetto, FL . I really did not want to go, but a friend from Tx made me promise that I would go. I had to send her a picture as proof. It was a Latin theme which made it fun. I met a lot of nice people. I felt comfortable enough to go dance by myself. As I danced, I saw a huge camera lens pointed at me. I smiled and said "Would you like me to take a picture of you?"

Now I don't know if it was the drinks, but when he pulled the camera down from his face I thought ,"Hello! What a cutie pie!" We briefly spoke, before I was pulled away by other party goers. By the time I could free myself, he was gone. I was so excited, I called my friend to tell her about this guy that caught my eye. She asked, "Did you get his information!?" I replied, " His name is Glenn and No."

A few months went by and I was invited to the Sarasota Halloween street party. I dressed as a witch. As I danced in the street, I did a spin and there he was... Glenn. We spoke all night and I did get his info. A few days later, I called him. I am not sure where it came from, but I started to spew out all my deal breakers: No smoking, no mamma's boys, no co-dependent men, no addictive personalities, no moochers, no drama kings, no games. If you are any of those... don't waste my time or yours. I am done raising boys." My friends mouths dropped after I told them what I had done. He disappeared after that call.

I met and started to date a very nice guy. He was clean cut, a gentleman, christian, goal-oriented, and from a good family. After one of our dates, he told me he wanted me to his family. I told him I would be headed back to Tx for Christmas and if we could discuss it when I came back. I didn't know why I was internally freaking out...this guy was perfect. The day before I was to return to FL, I was really stressed and at a loss of what to do about Mr. Perfect...there was just something missing. That night I had a wonderful dream and it was about Glenn! I thought how can I start something with one guy when I am dreaming about another? On the plane, I decided I would end it with Mr. Perfect because it was the right thing to do. I ended it that very day. My girlfriends thought I was crazy. I end it with such a great guy for a guy in my dreams that never called me back...that I scared away.

When new years eve came, my resolution was to be done with dating and "be fabulously single." My girlfriend and I came home from the St. Pete's New Years festivities when my phone rang at 12:30 am. It was Glenn asking for our first date. I ran to my living room jumping up and down, "The dream guy just called for date!" My girlfriend snidely said, "Well you broke that new year resolution quick, it'll probably go nowhere. I responded; Hey, I'll just consider it a free lunch!" Un-fooled she responded, "Yeaah right"

She was right. Glenn and I were inseparable... More to come next week: Life was perfect!

Blog quote: The love of your life will find you when you least expect it...the most exciting relationships happen when you're not looking. - Unknown

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