October Newsletter: Honeybee Democracy, Fall Farmers Markets Update, Video of Our New Apiary

What We Can Learn from Honeybee Democracy: Although the hive has a queen, do not be fooled they are a democracy. Did you know that bees vote?! When a hive swarms, the remaining bees stay behind in the original hive box preparing for the coming of their new queen. The portion of the hive that leaves takes the old queen and usually lands on a nearby branch. They buzz very loudly to make sure everyone lands in one place. Once everyone is one spot, the scout bees act like realtors leaving the swarm to find a new permanent home. The scout bees return to the swarm to report and recruit other scout bees to check out the locations they selected as options for a new home site. If the swarm agrees th

September Newsletter: Show Me the Honey

Gearing Up for Cut Comb Honey and Our Largest Honey Flow: I’m sure you have heard the saying, “one man's trash is another man's treasure” such is the case with the Brazilian Pepper bush. The Brazilian Pepper bush is an invasive tree here in Florida, often considered as the “Bain of their existence” by local gardeners. However, to Alma and other beekeeper the “pepper” bush makes their heart smile. The Pepper flow is the last largest honey flow in the US for season before winter. You heard of, “Snow birds” but have you heard of “Snow Bees”? Beekeepers from all over Northern US bring their bees to Florida to “winter” because of this honey flow. It takes 3 months over the Summer to make one box

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