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February Newsletter: Valentines Day, Super Bowl, Spring Beekeeping Seminar

Honey for your Favorite HONEY! We will be open Valentines Day!

Hi Everyone, I know its been awhile since our last Newsletter. We thought being that Valentines day is on Monday we should share some of our best Valentine ideas. We also be OPEN on Monday Valentines Day from 11am to 6pm. We have gift baskets/sets ready-made starting at $15. You can also create your own personalize basket for $5 plus the cost of the products you choose.

So be sure to get some honey your honey to show them how sweet they are!

Ready for Super Bowl is this Sunday?

We LOVE to BBQ, below is some ways we like to use our BBQ Sauces:

We recently used our Apple Hickory and Honey BBQ to make pull pork in the instant pot. The Honey BBQ is sweet to start but has a little “kick” at the end. The Apple Hickory BBQ sauce is great for this recipe for those that can’t handle too much spice. We have some kids in our family don’t care for spice so the Apple Hickory is VERY kid-friendly. For pull pork instant pot…. Season with your favorite seasonings, we use garlic, onion, and pepper. Brown on all sides, put a little water in the pot that you browned the meat to get the drippings and pour it into the instant pot, place the meat inside, 1 sliced onion, 2 cups of broth, 2 tbls of apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup of bbq sauce, ¼ cup of honey. Seal and set for 1 hour.

We have had customers use our Peach Bourbon BBQ sauce with this recipe with delicious results. The Smoky Orange BBQ sauce is a favorite for ribs, chicken, and salmon.

Our HOT and Spicy makes the best Hot wings.

2022 Spring Beekeeping Seminar:

It has been over 2 years since our last beekeeping seminar. We know how intimidating beekeeping can be from the beginner’s perspective, so we make a point of being friendly and accessible. We often hear people commenting on the YOUTUBE they have watched or books they have read. Truth is that like gardening, Florida is a totally different animal…the equipment is different, honey flow/schedule is different, and everything can be supersized: pests, flows, and curve-balls. There just is not a beekeeping book geared to Beekeeping in the south, much less the tropical southern conditions you find in Florida. Our beekeeping classes have limited seating to ensure that our students receive quality education. Some beekeeping classes can come from a single perspective and can contradict each other in manipulations and viewpoints. Alma not only teaches you what she does, but other beekeepers do also and why. Alma will never say that her way of beekeeping is the “right way” but will say it is the “right way” for her. Moreover, her way of beekeeping came from grabbing bits and pieces from a wide range of mentors and beekeepers both with more and less experience than her. Seating is limited, you can register via our website: please feel free to call or text any questions.


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