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I’m sure you heard of the “birds n the bees”…but have you heard of the… “Lion and the Bee?!” Sarasota Honey Company (SHC) has join forces with O & A Coffee & Supply, Sarasota’s premier coffee company to make the Suncoast first coffee infused raw honey.? A recent trip to NYC revealed that the buzz in the big apple was Coffee infused honey. After the first taste the SHC team lit up thinking, “We HAVE to bring this to Suncoast and we already know who we need to partner with!” So glad O&A quickly said YES! The perfect gift for coffee lovers! 



Spread it on toast, English muffins, or scones.

Mix into club soda for a sweet afternoon pick-me-up!

Drizzle over vanilla ice cream

Add to plain yogurt, with fresh raspberries, a sprinkle of cocoa powder, and your favorite granola!

Mix into a cheesecake or brownie batter before you bake!

Item: One 8 wt.oz. O&A Honey. (does not include Cofee Bags, bee decor or dipper)

O&A Coffee Infused Honey

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