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Low-Cost Bee Rescue


Why rescue?

  • To save the bees   …we do not exterminate! Most often bees can be safely relocated to thrive elsewhere.


Why save the bees?

  • Surprisingly most people are unaware that without bees, humans could not survive! Currently, there is a major worldwide shortage of bees as a direct result of chemicals used on our US food supply and other environmental factors.

  • All rescued bees are transported to our Bee Sanctuary. The bees are monitored, cared for, fed and treated to build up to a strong and healthy hive.    Upon returning to full strength and maturity, many rescued bees enter our “Host – a – Hive” Program

  • Poisoning a colony is all most never effective and results in a worse situation and a bigger mess as the dead bees decompose it will attract other pests such as ants and roaches. Most pest control companies will not remove the comb or dead bees.

  • Blocking the hive entrance can result in bees chewing a new entrance causing more damage to your property.

  • Bees are not known to “chew” an entrance to home to establish a new home for their colony. Scout bees will find openings to locations and report back to the swarm colony that they found a location for a new home…sometimes within your home.

  • If you have an unwanted swarm on your property, please don’t spray them with poison. Swarms rarely sting or attack people. Swarms are the honey bee’s natural reproductive behavior and they are very docile during this process because they do not have a permanent home to protect. Swarms will often stay a location until their scout bees return to report a location that could serve as a permanent home. We will gladly remove any swarms at no cost.


For a price estimate please email or call us with the following information*

Extraction methods vary widely depending on where and how the colony is situated. How long they’ve been there; and what building materials are involved.

- Address, Name, Phone number

- How long has the hive been at the location

- Pictures of the hive location


***To aid with demand, we currently refer bee removals to Florida Bee Investigator(F.B.I.): 941.201.9378.  FBI follows our methods and beliefs in honey bee relocation. They have has asked that Sarasota Honey Company to assist with distributing the preliminary information, appointment setting, and in nursing relocated colonies back to health. Qualifying inspected colonies will enter our  Host–A–Hive Program. Please mention Sarasota Honey Co. and FBI will give you a jar of honey upon completing your relocation!!!!

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