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At Sarasota Honey Company we are all about community, sustainability and wellness. We are proud to collaborate with local artisan and holistic health providers to bring a variety of workshops and classes. Workshops held at our Sarasota Honey Shop: 2227 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34234. Workshops have limited seating to ensure that our students receive quality education so be sure to sign up in advance! 


To register please click on our "shop" tab and then on the "Workshop" tab  or click the workshop tab below:

Below Find Yoga Workshop Descriptions and schedule: 

PR’s Yoga/ Meditation Series: These yoga series are designed to decrease stress and increase mobility and mindfulness during the most chaotic time of the year.  Everyone can benefit from the experience of gentle movement through Yoga.  I teach from the modification up, working with our body of the day, and being steady and comfortable.


"My dedicated yoga/meditation programs inspire change through gently guided breath work, re-imagination, and movement."  - PR


Yoga Series Descriptions


These Yoga Series classes are for you if:


Gentle/Yin Yoga

Despite what you may think, not everyone needs a hard core, hard pushing workout or Yoga practice after along hard day. In fact, what you may need is a reprieve from your chaotic day.  Yin Yoga provides that reprieve.  The practice of Yin Yoga is a slow and restorative style that involves relaxing the body right up to ones’ healthy edge, really feeling into each and every part of the body, especially any areas of pain. Yin Yoga is great for people who stand all day, are tense, inflexible, experience anxiety, or live overactive lives.

During Yin Yoga, we breathe “into” the muscles as we engage them, which allows them to stretch. When we breathe in deeply while our bodies are outstretched, the fascia, (thin sheaths of fibrous tissues that enclose the muscles and organs) are able to release their tension. This process results in feeling more balanced and less restless, giving back more strength and energy than it takes away.



Chair Yoga

Imagine an entire yoga practice done with the aid of a chair!  The ultimate experience for anyone with mobility issues; great for active seniors or those recovering from injuries. Anyone who has difficulty with most conventional yoga poses will love this gentle, modified version of Hatha Yoga. Most poses are done seated, with a few standing postures utilizing the chair for support.  The series leads participants on a progressive experience that includes grounding, centering, warming up, and a healthy safe routine, followed by cool down and rest.  Learn how to increase your flexibility, mobility and energy from a chair!  Anyone can do Yoga, and this series proves it.


Restorative Series

What’s so great about Restorative Yoga? Why not just take a nap and get some rest?  In order to maximize the healing benefits of a restorative yoga practice, precision alignment of each pose is imperative to ensure one’s body structure and the lines of energy are open and free, allowing total relaxation, which provides great benefits to the nervous system.  The experience of facilitated conscious relaxation brings the nervous system to a parasympathetic state that helps to achieve a deeper sleep when you DO sleep.  It’s even been known to cure insomnia!  Just 15 – 20 minutes of conscious relaxation is as beneficial as 3 hours of sleep. Other measurable results obtained during deep relaxation can include:  lowering of blood pressure, increased “good cholesterol” levels, reductions in belly fat, digestion improvements, lowering of serum triglycerides and blood sugar levels in the blood, reduction of muscle tension and general fatigue.  Nothing compares to the yummy experience of restorative Yoga. Learn how to get into “rest and digest mode” deeply and completely in this gentle, nurturing series.  Anyone at any stage of life can participate in Restorative Yoga.


Hatha Level 1

Hatha Yoga can calm the mind, provide a gentle workout, or make you sweat.  It can reduce a stressed heart rate, or elevate it with vigorous movement. This series will focus on the ultimate beginners practice, introducing the participant to a progression of classic poses over 3 weeks that  build a foundation for an ongoing practice.  We will focus on meeting our bodies where they’re at and staying within our comfortable healthy edge, breath work, proper alignment, and working each pose from the modification up. This series is great for anyone with zero to limited knowledge about an asana yoga practice and is designed for virtually anyone without major physical or medical restrictions to participate in. 

4Yoga (3)_edited.jpg

Schedule Dates and Time


8:30–9:45 am or Restorative Program

(3 Weeks Dec 9 – 23) $65


6:00–7:15 pm Restorative Program

(3 Weeks Dec 2 – 16) $65

10:00–11:00 am Chair Yoga Series (3 weeks Dec 9 – 23) $65

11:30–12:45 pm Gentle/Yin Yoga series (3 weeks Dec 9 – 23) $65

1:00--2:15 pm Hatha Level 1 series (3 weeks Dec 9 – 23) $65

4:00–5:15 pm Yoga/Meditation for Weight Loss                                                                      (4 weeks Dec 2 –23) $129

7:45–9:00 pm    Yoga/Meditation for Anti-Aging                                                                      (4 weeks Dec 2 – 23) $129


8:00– 9:00 am Gentle/Yin Yoga Series (3 weeks Dec 3 – Dec 17) $65

4:30 – 5:30 pm Chair Yoga Series $65

  • You would like to prove to yourself that yes, YOU can do yoga, too.  Anyone, can, it’s so much more than striking a pose like “gumby”

  • You are able to sit on a chair comfortably for an extended period of time

  • You can get down to and sit on the ground without distress for 5 to 15 minutes

  • You can lay on your back for up to 35 minutes without concern or discomfort

  • You can roll to your side or onto your tummy safely.

  • You can bring yourself from seated to standing, either from the ground     or a chair safely.

  •  You have checked with your Doctor and know what your limitations are, and will follow them.

  •  You are open to trying something new.

  •  You want to do something extra wonderful for yourself this holiday season.

  • You are ready for positive change.

Our holistic health workshops are provided by PR Brady. PR is a Certified CRYT 200 Yoga Instructor and doTerra Personal Wellness Advocate Director. She conducts custom designed Yoga series and Wellness Workshops, focused on specific, important health and wellness related topics for formal and informal groups at home and now here at Sarasota Honey Company.  


PR offers short Yoga series that focus on progressive breath work, gentle movement and meditation.  Her belief is that understanding and working with the body of the day is key to going beyond symptoms to ease root causes and guide you towards your optimal wellness.  

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