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At Sarasota Honey Company we are all about community, sustainability and wellness. We are proud to collaborate with local artisan and holistic health providers to bring a variety of workshops and classes. Workshops held at our Sarasota Honey Shop: 2227 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34234. Workshops have limited seating to ensure that our students receive quality education so be sure to sign up in advance! 

Some of our homesteading workshop topics include: Beekeeping, Chicken keeping, sustainable gardening, soap making and other products of the hive.


To register please click on our "shop" tab and then on the "Workshop" tab  or click the workshop tab below:

 Workshop Descriptions: 

Beekeeping Classes

Interested in becoming a backyard beekeeper?

We offer classes, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one consulting. Our instructors know how intimidating beekeeping can be from the beginner’s perspective, so we makes a big point of being friendly and accessible. Buzz on in to join one of our exciting and informative classes!

Some of our classes and workshops include:

  • A Bee’s Life: Bee biology/behavior, life stages and duties, types of bees in the hive.

  • Beekeeping 101: Overview of Beekeeping, options when buying bees,hive wood ware, tools and accessories in and around the hive.

  • Hive Inspection and Record Keeping:  How to prep hive for inspection, properly use a smoker, what to look for, and how to document    

  • Now What??? How to trouble shoot the unexpected...Uncommon honey bee behavior, pests, queen cells, & much more

  • Say What?!?  Common terms used in beekeeping .                                                                                                                             

  • Show me the Honey: Florida Honey Flow, Honey Extraction, Cut Comb, and types of  by-products from the hive

  • Equipment Building Workshop: Hands on class. Learn how to build your  equipment. Hive boxes, frames, and more

  • DYI Honey harvest on a budget: Come learn the many ways that honey can harvested on a budget. Live honey harvest with extractor and methods that dont require big equipment. Plus you get to go home with some honey

Urban Chicken Keeping 101:

Have you ever wanted to keep a few chickens in your back yard but were just too intimidated by taking on the responsibility? This class aims to provide interested parties with the knowledge they'll need to start their own backyard flock. Topics such as the basics about chickens, coop preparation, food, supplements/treats, choosing the right bird, health issues and more will be covered in this two hour course led by your local farmer/beekeeper. So don't sit on the sideline any longer.Take advantage of this opportunity to learnabout keeping chickens and start producing your own fresh eggs daily and prep chicken bedding to be the best potting soil for your garden. Chickens make the best pets and super easy to keep!

Candle Making 101: We will give you a complete run down of the basic candle making equipment and supplies used in the class.  Will also cover types of candles, fragrances, wicks and waxes available.  After completing the beginner candle making class you will go home with a pure beeswax candle made h and the knowledge of how to make hand rolled candles.

Honey Soap Making 101: Wondered how to make soap? Cold Process soap making can be tricky! Join us for one of our soap making classes. You’ll learn the art and science of cold process soap making and how to make your own bar of moisturizing bubbly goodness. You’ll create, scent and decorate your very own 1 pound of soap with essential oils and herbs. We’ll provide all of your supplies. Just bring yourself (and a friend!). Perfect for a ladies night out or date night.

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