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Our holistic health workshops are provided by PR Brady. PR is a Certified CRYT 200 Yoga Instructor and doTerra Personal Wellness Advocate Director. She conducts custom designed Yoga series and Wellness Workshops, focused on specific, important health and wellness related topics for formal and informal groups at home and now here at Sarasota Honey Company.  


PR offers short Yoga series that focus on progressive breath work, gentle movement and meditation.  Her belief is that understanding and working with the body of the day is key to going beyond symptoms to ease root causes and guide you towards your optimal wellness.  

At Sarasota Honey Company we are all about community, sustainability and wellness. We are proud to collaborate with local artisan and holistic health providers to bring a variety of workshops and classes. Workshops held at our Sarasota Honey Shop: 2227 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34234. Workshops have limited seating to ensure that our students receive quality education so be sure to sign up in advance! 


To register please click on our "shop" tab and then on the "Workshop" tab  or click the workshop tab below:

Below Find Workshop Descriptions and schedule: 


PR’s Yoga/ Meditation Series: These yoga series are designed to decrease stress and increase mobility and mindfulness during the most chaotic time of the year.  Everyone can benefit from the experience of gentle movement through Yoga.  I teach from the modification up, working with our body of the day, and being steady and comfortable.


"My dedicated yoga/meditation programs inspire change through gently guided breath work, re-imagination, and movement."  - PR



9:30 am Wellness Workshop Series $139


6:00 pm Wellness Workshop Series $139

Or choose individual classes $40/each

Wellness Workshop Descriptions

Destressing Holidays

The holidays seem to be one of the most difficult times for keeping our cool, and coping with… well…with everything.  Family, work, friends, you name it.  It’s easy to become a hot mess of stress trying to manage the ever demanding holiday frenzy.  How good is that for us?  It’s not, yet we tend to still go, and go, and go…….and absorb all that holiday stress until we melt down.


This workshop provides powerful tips and techniques to De-Stress the Holidays!  We’ll explore how you can take control of bouts of pressure, anxiety and panic, utilizing Yoga, Meditation and specific essential oil use. We’ll focus on breath, gentle movement, and the important connection between the physical-mental-emotional, and how that effects managing stress.


This may be the most important topic of this Wellness series.  You will come away with serious tools to help you stay calm and manage difficult moments during the holidays, and every day no matter where you are.


Essential Gift Making

The ultimate workshop to create handmade gifts that are useful, healthful and fun using doTerraa CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade) essential oils! During this workshop participants will make potions and lotions and sensuous bath goodies for girls and guys, jewelry, ornaments, and stuff for kids and pets. We will make and sample a variety of easy holiday sweets and treats that are deliciously good, and so good for you. In addition, you’ll come away with an increased understanding about the positive impact that CPTG oils can have on your wellbeing, as well as recipes to try at home.


Included with the workshop are 3 gifts participants choose to make from the list below. After that, additional gifts are welcome be made for $4 to $6 each.  All materials are provided. 

 Gift Options include: Terra Cotta Pendent/Charm, Terra Cotta Car Freshener, Terra Cotta Dog Tag, Perfume, Cologne, After Shave, Shaving Cream, Toilet Water, Body Scrub, Bath Bomb, Bath Salt Ornament, Hand and Body Lotion, Baby Cream, Christmas Ornament, Gummys, Popcorn Balls, Fudge, Chocolate Bark, Decadent Dinner Mints

To kick things off, we’ll practice some yoga to get those creative juices flowing, get into the holiday mood, and get inspired!  There will also be essential products available to purchase.


Kicking Colds To The Curb

The flu season will soon be all around us. We run so hard and fast that we forget to take care of ourselves, then reach for that “over -the-counter” synthetic stuff to try to ward off colds, and wonder why that darn cold hangs on, and on. Sounds like you?


As a Wellness Advocate Director from Minnesota, I will share a plethora of unconventional, holistic and “essentially oily” knowledge with you. An extraordinary, opportunity to learn about natural wellness options to help you be your strongest during the harshest time of our year—cold and flu season!  

You will practice alternative, natural self-care techniques to boost your immune system through Yoga and Meditation, and play games that increase your knowledge about cold fighting food choices. Learn how to make powerful, “preventive” foods that taste good and decrease your chances of even catching a cold, plus learn ways to minimize aches and pains that show up with those sniffles.  .And, of course we’ll sample some delicious treats that just happen to be super good for you!  After this workshop, you will be empowered to Kick Colds to the Curb!


The Power of Three

The tri-fecta.  Throughout our world, there are numerous examples of how the simple concept, or statement “The Power of 3” impacts our lives every day;  it’s everywhere, from color, needs, planes, processes and so much more…starting from deep within our very selves.


This workshop raises our awareness about the Power of 3 and how we can connect to it, through an informative, interactive experience combining physical, mental and spirit.  We’ll test our knowledge, challenge our understanding, and unravel the mysterious what, where, why and how’s of the power of 3 through Yoga, Meditation, and Essential Oil basics. We’ll learn how to begin harnessing the Power of 3 to enrich, enhance and improve our daily lives.

PR’s Wellness Workshop 4  Week Series.  Sign up for either the morning or evening series. $139.00 per person

Monday’s Morning :  9:30 am  – 12:00 pm and Evening: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Workshops include: De-Stressing Holidays, Essential Gift Making, Kicking Colds to the Curb, The Power of 3 

More About PR

PR’s Yoga journey began in the 1980’s where, as a competitive archer she harnessed the importance of breath and meditation to achieve the calm focused steadiness required in the competitive arena of archery. 


“When we realize how the breath is connected to our actions, reactions, and day to day simple living, it changes everything.  Yoga isn’t about striking a pose like a magazine cover model.  It’s a lifestyle that starts with the breath.” 


The journey that led PR to total lifestyle wellness and the use of essential oils is one of strength, determination, healing and self-discovery. After living a year of pain, fear, and hopelessness due to an unexpected illness, she took a sharp turn away from conventional practices, and embraced alternative methods to heal herself.


“As an advocate of total lifestyle wellness and self-care I am living proof of how much power we have over our own health and well-being.” 


Join PR at Sarasota Honey this holiday season for a little TLC.  We would love nothing more than to help you achieve your healthiest self! 

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