Raw Dairy Products and Farm Fresh Eggs

We love serving the community our Raw Honey, and now we officially carry raw dairy products as well!

Enjoy our new selection of raw cows milk, raw goats milk, cheeses, and butter.



To ensure your products are extra fresh, please text message us

by 7 pm, Wednesday each week. Text can be sent to 941.726.8755.

Please include your name, pick up day, your order and quantity. We then place a special order for you.

Orders placed arrive just 2 days later on Friday, around 3 pm.

Dozen Eggs - Free Range                                              $6.00

Whole Milk - Half Gallon                                                $7.00

 Cream -  Quart                                                                $14.00

 Sour Cream -  Pint                                                          $9.00

 Cottage Cheese -  Pint                                                   $7.00

 Butter -  Cup                                                                    $8.50

 Butter - Pint                                                                     $15.00

Yogurt - Pint                                                                      $6.00

Yogurt - Quart                                                                   $9.00

Cream Cheese - Cup                                                        $3.00

Raw cheese Curds - Pint                                                 $8.00

Ricotta Cheese - Pint                                                       $8.00

Farmhouse Cheddar / Gouda Cheese - Pound            $12.00

Goat Milk - Half Gallon                                                     $15.00

Raw milk sales for human consumption are not legal in the state of Florida.

The Florida Department of Agriculture permits the sale of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products for Pet Consumption Only, even though there is no state law that covers this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal consumption either on the farm or in retail stores. Our milk providers are a licensed  “Manufacturing and Distributing Pet Food Facility”.  This in no way diminishes the quality of their products.  We take pride in providing clean, nutritious raw milk to our customers.