Product Description: This year’s bay honey is very unique, we can honestly say that we haven’t had a honey like this in YEARS! The bay honey has a buttery sweet taste to it, that reminded Alma of an extreme local honey that was harvest many years ago in the Venice/Osprey beach area. The south Sarasota county honey of many years past was very limited as it came from only 20 beehives, it sold out very quickly due to its unique buttery taste…a favorite on any pastry! Every year since we have customers come in asking for this particular honey and taste. Unfortunately, every year the honey will taste different due to environmental changes both by nature and by man. At Sarasota Honey Company we don’t feed our bees to control taste and production levels…all of our honey is made with 100% nectar, not sugar/corn syrup water. What we have found in recent years a slight change, but this year the tastes are OMG night and day! Our theory is that due to Covid-19 many projects halted, vegetation the would be either manicured or removed before their bloom remained and thrived. The bees were able to forage on flowers that were not available in recent years creating a wonderful and unique honey this year.

This premium raw wildflower comes right from your backyard! This honey has been described as sweet, bold and full-flavored. This honey comes from our hives in the Jungle Gardens Neighborhood, Fruitville Rd, Clark Road, University Blvd, and Downtown Sarasota Areas. 

Sarasota Bay 2020 Raw Wildflower Honey 16-18.5 wt.oz.