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 Saturday, : Intro to Beekeeping starting 4 - 7pm 

We know how intimidating beekeeping can be from the beginner’s perspective. Unfortunately there is not a book on beekeeping in the South much less beekeeping in the tropical we are here to help. Alma will not only teach you what she does but also what other beekeepers do any why. This way the student will have a better understanding of beekeeping and which set up is best for them. Students will also better understanding of different beekeeping perspectives when attending a beekeeping club meeting.


Classes: A Bee’s Life Part 1 & 2: How beekeeping and agriculture has changed, The effects of change, Plight of the bees, Types of beekeepers, Florida Department of Apiary Inspection:    Requirements for keeping bees in NON-Agriculture Zoned Property, What makes beekeeping in Florida so unique, Bee biology/behavior, life stages and duties, types of bees in the hive                                                         

Beekeeping 101: Overview of Beekeeping, hive wood ware, tools and accessories in and around the hive.                        

Options When Purchasing Bees: Bee Breeds and characteristics, nucs vs package bees, types of nucs. Bee stings and allergic reactions.                    


The seminars are $65 each or book Intro and Intermediate together for $95. Due to limited space all classes are non-refundable.


Intro to Beekeeping Series-Saturday, March 2nd 4pm-7pm

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