Live Beekeeping Webinar Saturday, April 3rd: Intro to Beekeeping starting at 9:30 and Intermediate Beekeeping starting at 3pm We know how intimidating beekeeping can be from the beginner’s perspective. Unfortunately there is not a book on beekeeping in the South much less beekeeping in the tropical we are here to help. Alma will not only teach you what she does but also what other beekeepers do any why. This way the student will have a better understanding of beekeeping and which set up is best for them. Students will also better understanding of different beekeeping perspectives when attending a beekeeping club meeting. The seminars are $60 each or book them together for $90.


Intro to Beekeeping SeminarA Bee’s Life: Bee biology/behavior, life stages and duties, types of bees in the hive. How Agriculture has change and the effects it has on how and where we keep bees. Plight of the honeybee, Types of Beekeepers & how they mix. State Regulations for keeping beesHow to register your bees and set up your location to meet requirements. Unique challenges in keeping bees in the Southern states and Florida.


Beekeeping Set-up 101: Options for Protection Wear, Parts of the hive: their different names and uses, Options of hive set up…pros and cons, Langstroth hive, Flow Hive, Top Bar Hive, DYI Hives…pros and cons, Tools and Equipment: option and uses, Feeder options …pro and cons


Options When Purchasing Bees: When to purchase bees.​Nuc vs Package bees Bee BreedsHow to Install your bees. Determining best location. What to do when you bring bees home


Intermediate Beekeeping Seminar:

The Making of a Queen: Swarming – What happens to the swarm and what happen to the queen that left. Types of queen cells, Science of queen bee development. Queen bee timeline, Science of queen breeding


Hive Inspection and Record Keeping: How to prep hive for inspection, properly use a smoker, what to look for, and how to document


Now What??? How to trouble shoot the unexpected...Uncommon honey bee behavior, pests, queen cells, & much more

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9:30am Saturday, 4/3 Both Intro and Intermediate Beekeeping Semina


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