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Intermediate Beekeeping Seminar $65 / Sat 4-7pm

Quality Queens: Types of queens, considerations when queen breeding, queen calculator

Hive Inspection and Record Keeping: How to prep hive for inspection, properly use a smoker, what to look for, and how to document

Now What??? How to trouble shoot the unexpected... Uncommon honey bee behavior, pests, queen cells, & much more

Products of the Hive: Products of the hive and how they are used by bees and people, Honey: Benefits, Harvest, Selling under Cottage Law, Candles and Beeswax, Cosmetics state regulations

Due to limited space all classes are non-refundable. 

Book the Intro and Intermediate Seminars together for $90.

For more information on Sarasota Honey Company, or to register, visit

our website: or Call/Text 941.726.8755



Intermediate Beekeeping Mini Seminar Sat, Sept 30th 4pm-7p

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