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Virtual Victory Farmers Market Vendors:

To Order From Vendors: Please Click on the Green Tabs, which will take you to vendor's website. Follow their instructions on how to order, pay, and the location you will be interested in picking up from. (Many vendors have multiple pick-up sites & delivery options.) We encourage everyone to contact the vendor directly if you have and questions. *Not seeing something you us & we will try to get it! Please continue to check this page as we are continually adding vendors!

Other Vendors offering Local Pick up at other locations:


ALOE Organic produce grown on our family farm in loving memory of Allison Hall Nelson "Aloe". Our mission is to deliver healthy, nutrient-rich produce while maintaining strong ties to the community by donating a portion to children battling cancer through the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

At Honeyside Farms, we are committed to sustainable farming.

Owned by Bayside Sod, we are fifth generation Sarasota farmers who promise to supply our customers with healthy, wholesome, organically grown produce. We do not compromise or cut corners! We consistently offer top-quality honey, fruits, and vegetables. We sell certified organic produce to local restaurants and consumers who believe in supporting local agriculture and small business.  

Pickup Site: Click to enter their website

Products were offered at: Phillippi Creek Farmers Market/Sarasota Farmers Market.


At Fermentlicious we have learned that Cultured veggies are loaded in probiotics.​ Probiotics are nature’s purest form of antibiotics. These small microscopic organisms, called microflora, assists the body in building long-lasting immunity and defending it from a host of chronic illnesses and diseases. The word PROBIOTIC means  “FOR LIFE”.  Our bodies have 100 times more bacteria than living cells and the reason to pay attention to eating the right kind of bacteria for good digestion. Good bacteria kill off the bad bacteria & yeast overgrowth.

Pickup Site: Click to enter their website


The Homestead Hydroponic Farm was established in August of 2013 and is nestled next to the Myakka State Park on wide green plains, just east of Sarasota. We are a boutique hydroponic farm and believe in producing vegetables that are unusual, fresh and not only taste great, but keep well. Our crisp greens and other veggies are always grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides. In fact, our lettuces are 100% pesticide-free!

Pickup Site: Click to enter their website

Products were offered at: Phillippi Creek Farmers Market/Sarasota Farmers Market.

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Glenn Family Bakery  Logo Final.jpg

Grove Ladder Farm is a 12 acre, pasture-based livestock farm serving Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties. We raise our birds on open pastures, with plenty of access to tender grasses, bugs and sunlight. Our chickens receive the highest quality non-GMO grain. Everything on our farm moves, which means that our happy hens never sit on one spot for very long. We rely on moveable electric fencing and our wonderful Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs to protect our flocks from predators!

Pickup Site: Click to enter their website

Products were offered at: Phillippi Creek Farmers Market, Sarasota Farmers Market, Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market

Wild Side Farms: We are a small family run business growing herb and vegetable plants. Our plants are not sprayed and are grown with organic practices. We are selling culinary and medicinal herbs and vegetable plants. About time to get that Victory Garden planted :) 

How to order: Contact them at (941) 780-0959 or through their facebook page:

Pick-up: We are doing pick up orders only on Saturdays in Towles Court. From 9am to 11am.


Glenn Family Bakery: We began as” Cheesecake Me Desserts” many moons ago. I have been a professional baker for 25 years. As” Cheesecake Me” grew my husband John “ex” executive chef, classically trained pastry chef and master bread baker joined my company. We have continued to grow and expand both our sweets and bread product line as well as our presence in farmers markets and wholesale accounts. We are truly a family run bakery encompassing “The Bread Market” and “Cheesecake Me Desserts “all under one umbrella! Glenn Family Bakery!

How to Order:People can reach us through our website, our facebook page, text, email and DM. We post our menu.

Pick-up: pick days and times on our FB page.

Totally Nuts! Almond Mylk: Our  goal is to raise the standards of the almond milk industry.Most store brands of almond milk contain about 4 almonds per cup (1 gram of protein per cup is about 4 almonds). The brands that dominate our grocery store shelves contain 98% water, gels, thickeners and gums, mainly fillers that add no nutritional value and are possibly causing medical problems for some consumers. Our products contain an average of 24 almonds per cup (6 grams of protein), a probiotic, and NO gels, gums or thickeners. Use in smoothies, cereal, overnight oats, even as a light meal supplement. Our tag line is "almond milk shouldn't be gray!"

How to Order/Pick-up: Orders can be placed through website if customer wants to pay for delivery (I will arrange delivery directly with the customer when the order is received)We also have some customers in South Sarasota pick up curbside at the Sarasota Square Mall at our kitchen (adjacent to Costco) I also accept venmo and paypal.

The website is Products/prices are all listed on the shop page, here is the link Facebook link


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